The Michelangelo Hand

The Michelangelo Hand from Otto Bock 

Few parts of the human body are as important and complex as the hand. Only the perfect interplay of nerves, tendons, a total of 27 bones, 39 muscles and 36 joints allows people to handle their everyday tasks. The new Michelangelo® Hand from Otto Bock is the most technologically advanced and functional prosthetic hand available. And as the heart of the new Axon-Bus® prosthetic system, it offers unrivalled benefits and new freedom of movement for the user. This is our vision of innovation—technology for the benefit of people.

The Michelangelo® hand has a thumb that can be separately positioned using muscle signals—offering more hand positions than any other prosthetic hand available. It gives users ease and confidence never before seen in upper limb prosthetics. In order to achieve its incredibly natural movement patterns, the hand is equipped with two drive units. The main drive is responsible for gripping movements and force, while the thumb drive allows the thumb to be moved in an additional axis of movement—including an open palm and lateral pinch. The thumb, index and middle finger are actively driven, while the ring and little fingers passively and naturally follow the other fingers. The Michelangelo® Hand helps users more easily integrate everyday movements such as cooking, driving—even playing cards—into their everyday life.

The Michelangelo Hand is now available at A Step Ahead. For more information or to take the Michelangelo for a test drive, call us at (516) 681-3484 or click to fill out the following contact form: